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Teach English as a Foreign Language at one of the Top Destinations through ITTO

Get job offers to Teach Abroad upon graduation of ITTO's 140 Hour Advanced Program!

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in Japan
Teach English
in China
Teach English
in France
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in Mexico
Teach English
Teach English
in South Korea
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in Spain
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in Thailand
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in saudi arabia

All graduates obtain job contacts worldwide and assistance during the whole process!

How does ITTO’s Job Offer Program work?

Our Job Offer Program is the ideal service in order to pursue a career as an International English Teacher!

Our graduates have 5-starred our post-graduation assistance and tag as the best. Find out what they have to say!

Step 1: Sign up for your Advanced 140 hour Online TEFL TESOL Program. Upon graduation you will qualify for the amazing opportunity to Teach English Online, in fascinating China, modern South Korea, enchanting Mexico, gorgeous Thailand, mysterious Saudi Arabia, exciting Spain or charming France.

Step 2: Once you graduate, the job placement process begins! First, you will need to submit your updated Curriculum Vitae and Cover Letter to our Student Services Department.

Step 3: After we review your qualifications we will let you know which teaching positions you qualify for. Each destination asks for specific requirements.

Step 4: You will be introduced to different private schools, public schools, and language schools. We will help you set up the interviews with the possible schools you would get hired. Interviews can be via Skype or phone call. See each job offers' individual requirements.

Step 5: During the hiring process, you will negotiate the salary with the possible employer. Some will even offer accommodation!

Step 6: Your future employer will then assist you with the working permits either before arriving to the country or as soon as you step into the school!

Step 7: Teach English at a Foreign Language!

*This is a lifelong-job guidance service, which means you can always contact us and let us know if you want to change schools or location.

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ITTO's Job Offer Program is for Graduates of the Advanced Program with a High Pass Grade or above, who are native English speakers holding a passport from the USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada or South Africa, and with a College or University Degree. If you are interested in teaching in these locations and meet all requirements, we will connect you with our direct job contacts to guide you through the job offer process. Note: If you are already a graduate from ITTO you can apply for the Job Offer Program for FREE!

Important Information

This Job Offer Program does not guarantee a teaching position or placement. A job offer will be made only when initial requirements are met. The process will then be followed by an interview if the curriculum matches the requirements for the specific position. ITTO is not acting as an employment agency; this program is solely for the purposes assisting you on your teaching career.

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